Valley Monsoons

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Monsoon Season In ArizonaIf your are not already familiar, Arizona is known for the summer month monsoons that sweep through the valley. They bring dust, dirt, wind, intense lightning, rain, haboobs and nervous drivers.  Being that Arizona’s Monsoon Season is just about here, we thought you might like to learn more. Monsoon season officially begins June 15 and continues until the very end of September. It’s high or peak time begins mid July and lasts for about a month.

During the very warm….well HOT summer months, monsoons tend to be welcomed. Along with the beautiful lightning shows they bring, they also bring rain. Many areas of Arizona receive almost half their annual rain fall during monsoon season.

The word monsoon is a large scale weather pattern brought by warm air generating low pressure areas or zones that draw in moisture from the ocean.  Now you may be unfamiliar with the word haboob. Haboobs are strong dust storms that can be triggered prior to an intense rainfall. They can be seen from a distance as they accumulate and scatter dust and other items picked up throughout the valley. If you are driving in a Haboob, seeing even 5 feet in front of you can prove to be a challenge. So please be aware and drive carefully.

Things to know about Arizona’s monsoon season

  • Monsoon season starts June 15th and we are in “season” until Septmeber 30.
  • The peak of the season is around mid July and continues into August
  • Rainfall can be brief and intense
  • Haboobs (large dust storms) can a site to see and be in. Be cautious if you are driving
  • Your home yard will have a lot of dust and possibly uprooted trees during a monsoon (we recommend trimming back branches)
  • You will see may uprooted trees throughout the valley
  • Flooding happens and can create many detours
  • Lightning will light up the Arizona sky.  You can get a bag of popcorn and watch their beauty and intensity
  • Power outages happen (prepare yourself with necessary supplies)
  • Arizona has relatively stable weather the majority of the year. Monsoons throw people off.  Be a defensive driver. Even refrain from going out if a monsoon is expected

We love Monsoon Season. It breaks up the monotony of the triple digit, sun blasted summer.  If you are a photographer, get your cameras ready for the lightning shows! And be smart. A monsoon is a weather pattern that brings forth some intense rain, wind, lightning and dust. Have some flashlights in case of a power outage, know where your home circuit breakers are, and drive safely!

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