Things To Check For Before Purchasing: Part 2

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I want to expand on our previous posts and offer a few more suggestions for things to look into before purchasing. Sometimes as potential homeowners the excitement of purchasing a home overrides our better judgement and we jump into homes prematurely. Although Arizona state law demands that realtors be transparent and forthcoming about the history of the home, there are still aspects we must look into for ourselves, or hire a contractor to investigate for us before purchasing.

  • Check for mold. Although most Arizona homeowners don’t think of mold being an issue here in this dry state, the fact is mold is quite prevalent in Arizona. Winters never get cold enough to kill mold like they do in most states, so mold is able to thrive throughout the year here in AZ. Though there is not a lot of humidity in Arizona, water from a leaky pipe or an overflowed toilet from years ago can leave enough water beneath your floor or walls to provide a perfect environment for mold. It is always wise to have a specialists do an air quality check to check for airborne mold spores, to determine if mold is present in your home. If you live in Arizona call our friends at to give you comprehensive mold evaluation, if you live else where search the internet for well rated water restoration companies. It’s important you find a company with good ratings that will give you an honest assessment of your spore levels, and doesn’t suggest you get services you don’t need (which happens more than you would like to think).

  • Check the crime rate. I know in the previous post we told you to check for sex offenders, but it is also wise to check the overall crime rate of the area. You can simply Google crime rate + your city and get an accurate assessment of the overall crime rate. Sometimes the crime rate can be misleading, and the overall safety of a city may be improving, however if the crime rate is extremely high it might be good indicator to look elsewhere for a home.
  • Check the light switches. Though this is not of the upmost importance, it is a nice thing to check. Little annoyances like faulty lite switches can make a new home frustrating. Ensure that the current homeowners have any faulty light switches taken care of before you purchase the home.
  • Check the school system. Regardless if you have kids or not, it is always a good idea to check the quality of the local school system. You may have kids in the future, and it is great for resell value to located near a good school system. Look into what district your home falls under and what the bus system looks like, and whether or not a child could walk or ride their bike to school.
  • Local amenities. It is always good practice to check for local amenities and development plans for your future neighborhood. Ensuring that you have the necessary amenities for shopping and dinning will only make you love your home that much more. If not all your preferred amenities are close by, but there are development plans for them in the near future, you may be able to make a compromise that will increase the value of your home after completion. Just make sure those development plans are not too far in the future.

There are many things to consider before purchasing, and some more obvious than others. Hopefully you found value in our suggestions and we hope you luck in your house hunting!

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