Things To Check For Before Purchasing: Part 1

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Purchasing a home, especially for first time home buyers can be daunting and sometimes even scary. Thinking you fond the perfect deal and the pressure of realtors can lead some homebuyers into situations where they wish they could turn back time. I want to briefly discuss somethings homebuyers should be mindful of before purchasing. Not all of these apply and may depend on your locale, but these are great things to keep in mind before purchasing.

  • Has someone died in the home? I know this may seem bizarre to some, but it is taken very serious by others. According to law, realtors must disclose if anyone has passed away in the home, and it should be one of many questions you ask your realtor. It may not be of concern to you, but in the future, it may hurt your resale value and be something that detours potential buyers. I know it’s a strange question, but it should be asked.
  • Is there a history of termites? Arizona is not notorious for termites like some states, but there is certainly notable cases of termites throughout the Valley. Once you get them, they are difficult to get rid of, so make sure the current owners are informing you about any future problems that may arise.
  • Are there sex offenders in the neighborhood? This is something that many people overlook but a crucial thing to remember to investigate. If you have kids this can bring you a peace of mind and be a good precautionary measure, and a great thing to check into for future resell.
  • Look into the neighborhoods HOA. Like we discussed previously, it is good practice to look into the HOA of a neighborhood you are considering to purchase in. There may be rules that don’t allow you to have your dream garden out front, or restrict how big you grow your trees. You would be surprised how often people come to discover that their HOA does not prohibit certain art, hobbies, or interests of theirs. You would hate for your HOA to tell you that your large backyard telescope is prohibited after your purchased it.
  • Noise pollution. We recommend that you tour your potential neighborhood a few times before deciding to purchase. By doing this you can get a feel for the neighborhood and the usual culture that takes place in order to understand if there will be noise issues. For some homeowners they may not want to have noisy neighbors, perhaps because they have a child, or simply because they like peace and quite. By touring the neighborhood, in particular over the weekend you can discover if one of the neighbors has a band, or someone dow the street likes to work on cars, or even if theirs someone who is always running a power saw. By understanding the dynamics of the neighborhood you will not be overly surprised when Billy in the neighborhood has band practice every Sunday.

There is a lot to consider before purchasing a home. We hope that these little insights can help determine the perfect home for you. Stay tuned for more updates on things to check before purchasing!

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