Home Owners Association

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home owners association

I want to talk about something that I hear a lot about on a weekly basis, and that is home owners associations. Home owner associations have gotten a lot of grief over the past few decades and I just want to quickly remind readers of their intention, to maintain property value. I know the fact that homeowners associations dictating what color you paint your home and how long you grown your hedges can feel a bit overbearing, but it’s all with the intention of maintaining the value of the neighborhood. I’m not saying that certain HOA’s don’t get ahead of themselves and start a cult like culture in a neighborhood, I have definitely seen this happen. However most homeowners associations are well intended and in a position to serve you and not hinder you.  Read More

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Best ROI Home Renovations

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Renovation with ROI

Here are some great renovations you can make to your home before you sell or even while your living in it that will greatly increase the value of your home. Most of us know that renovating your home is a great way to increase the value of your home and even the chances that it will sell, but we don’t always know what renovation project to pick. Here are a handful of ideas that traditionally yield the highest return and typically help with the likelihood that your house will sell quickly. If you see something that is not mentioned feel free to let us know, and if you see some great ideas share it with your friends. Read More

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Sell At The right time

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Many of you will read this headline and assume we mean sell when the market is high. However we mean quite the opposite. Most people follow that age old wisdom of selling their home when the market is the highest and sell their home in an effort to gain the greatest ROI. This may be a good idea for investors, but for your average homeowners this has the potential to lead to unwanted side effects. For example having to purchase your new home when the market is still high, equating to a zero net gain. Prematurely selling your home for financial gain has a ton of potentially unwanted consequences, so just make sure the time is right for you and your family, and not just right because the market says it is. This wisdom ay save you a ton of headache in the future.


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