Mesa Housing Market

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Mesa, AZ

Of course there many areas to choose from when considering where to buy.  We will cover the Mesa housing market today.  Mesa is a suburb located 20 miles East of Phoenix and located in the East Valley of Arizona. It is in fact the third largest city in Arizona.


Mesa houses a population of about 475,000 people.

Mesa’s median household income is about $53,000.

Mesa Unified School District makes up the largest school district.


I decided to speak with a local business owner and resident.  Billy has lived in Mesa for 20 years and has watched the change and growth in both business and home sales.  He operates his own carpet cleaning company in Mesa, AZ. He says that Mesa has really grown over the past 20 years.  “It has cleaned up a lot and downtown Mesa has created a place for more people to dine and explore Mesa’s history in. Although it has grown, what Travis loves is that it is still affordable to buy. “Mesa is 18 miles long and encompasses a good area. The median home price continues to rise but first time homebuyers are still at an advantage with many affordable areas in Mesa.  It is more affordable than Gilbert, Tempe or Chandler. Because Mesa is older, there are a variety of styles and many homes you can purchase to fix up and make your own style. As Mesa continues grow and create it’s own community as Gilbert, Tempe and Chandler have, home prices will continue to grow too.”  Being that Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona, it’s just a matter of time before it’s prices rise.  It is a great place for young families to purchase there first home, in my opinion anyway.”

I asked Billy about his business in Mesa and how business has changed.  He said, as with any industry you will have your ups and downs.  Fortunately for me, Mesa is home to a lot of families and has affordable rentals. I have kept busy because I am affordable, work with landlords, and have grown my customer data base.  However with the housing market crash and the growth of the internet, business has changed in many ways, and I think not only for Mesa.  I have seen many businesses fail and many new businesses start and grow here and throughout the valley. One thing I believe is that Mesa is a big city with a small city feel, and this can be very advantageous for business.”

Thank you Billy for giving is a little bit of information on Mesa.  I like to ask locals rather that spew of a bunch of information I’ve read.  I too have watched Mesa grow, change and modernize itself, yet still keeping a hometown feel.  I look forward to watching Mesa prosper.  I too believe Mesa offers a variety of properties to fit the needs of  first time homebuyers, as well as those looking for an upgraded property or property with more space.

Mesa Bonus Fact that helps the cost of the mortgage:

Mesa is the largest city in the nation with a city property tax.

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