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know what your buying

Is there a new sub division being built that you have your eyes on.  Are you beginning to notice the many new homes and condos popping up throughout the valley?  According to the RL Brown Housing reports, new home construction had a big increase last year in Arizona, a 46% increase that is.

A new home is appealing. From the overall newness, to knowing that your the first body to live in the structure. This being said, take awareness with you.  Just like in any industry, there’s the good, the bad and average. Builders can easily cut corners and skimp on the important things from structural to low grade materials. Untrained help is inexpensive and may have been the hirees participating in building your potential home.

Of course, there are many great builders out there too. So just do your homework.  Does the builder have a good reputation? Are they established? What are people saying about them.  Ask about experience and what certifications and licensing they have.  We even recommend hiring a independent home inspector to check out the property.  This may cost you out of pocket a few hundred bucks, but a poor HVAC system, crummy electrical wiring, plumbing that is inadequate, and so on, can cost you more in the long run.  

Some of the more superficial things tha cut corners may have been cut on are paint, no primer under the paint, cheap granite or countertops, no carpet padding, etc.  Of course many of these things may be reflected in the price of the home, which may be a reason you are attracted to it.  So just know that they are present.  You can always upgrade down the road, but if the purchase price reflects “upgrades” that really aren’t there, you should be aware.

To often buyers, especially first time home buyers, are so excited to be making the leap into their own home that important things are overlooked.  Not to mention the fact that it is the first time a home buying a home, so many things are completely new to many people. From terminology to experience. Trust is easily given, and you just have to make sure it is deserved.

As in any purchase, know what your buying.  Ask questions and know the quality of your purchase. A home can be a great investment, but it is a big purchase, so understand the purchase and your purchasing power.

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