Arizona Summer…Keeping Cool

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keep cool in the AZ heat

Arizona has a beautiful desert landscape and amazing weather…almost year round.  Arizona’s weather is one the reasons, and a big one at that, that people opt to purchase homes here. Seasonal and full time residents love the fact that in the winter months, a 18 hole round of gold can be played with shorts and a sweater.  That being said, the summer months tend to bring in the heat.

As residents of Phoenix will tell you, the summer weather is something to talk about. It is a dry heat that can take it’s toll if you are not prepared, and sometimes even if you are. Be smart if your body is not acclimated very warm weather, it may take some getting used to.  But, I promise the fall and winter months are great, and summer monsoons are dusty but bring rain.  So if you’ve purchased a home in the valley of the sun, are planning to purchase, or you’re a seasoned resident, we’ve put together some tips for when the sun is a blazin’!


~Wear light color, breathable clothing. 

~Keep your car cool. Use sun shades when parked. Try and park in shaded areas to keep the temperature down in your vehicle.

~Be careful what you touch. Many things (seat belts, outdoor equipment, etc) get very, very hot from the sun and can cause serious burns. Be aware and cautious.

~Where sunscreen.  If you run errands or even drive in your car a lot, you are still exposed to the intense sun. Always where sunscreen and reapply as often to ensure reduced exposure of harmful rays.

~Limit outdoor exercise during the really hot times of 11am-4pm.

~Keep hydrated. Dehydration can set in before you realize it. Make sure you drink a lot of water and if you are sweating drink a beverage with electrolytes. Avoid caffeinated drinks and rinks that can dehydrate you.

~Take frequent cool showers to help keep your body temperature lower.

~Never leave items that will melt in the car……think crayons, lipstick, candles, make up, candy bars, etc.

~Be careful with kids and animals. Their body temperatures are naturally higher. Therefore they get heated faster. Never leave children or animals in the car…even for a second.


Be mindful that the heat is present and it can create heat exhaustion, over heating, and dehydration. Fluid consumption will have to increase to keep you properly hydrated.  If you feel signs of heat exhaustion, contact your health care provider.  The heat is serious and should be taken seriously. Know your limits if you exercise and enjoy exercise during the earlier morning and later evening hours.

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