Happy 4th of July from all of us!

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Another 4th day of July to be thankful for and celebrate our independence.  Our team wishes everyone a great day filled with friends, family, and relaxation. As we all know, today is the day we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.  This created freedom and independence from the British Empire.  It is  a day that marks our progress in history and a day to celebrate indeed!

What is going on around the valley today?  We’ve put together a list of things to do and place that offer fireworks.  So whether you are out in the East Valley, or down south in Maricopa, find where you can park yourself on a blanket and catch the fireworks and celebrate your freedom.

Tempe Town Lake (tempe)- The lake hosts their annual festival starting at 5pm and featuring, music, food and fun. Fireworks at 9pm.

Tumbleweed Park (chandler)- This large community event begins at 4:30 and is fun for the whole family. Fireworks at 9pm.

Goodyear Ballpark (goodyear)– This event starts at 6pm and will have music, food, and fireworks. Free admission for everyone.

Steele Indian School Park (phoenix)-Music, car show, rides and fireworks (9:30). Enjoy the fun from 6-10pm

Lights on the Lawn (The Oakmont-Flagstaff)- Live music, a beer garden, fun events for the kids, and fireworks beginning at 8:30. Free admission.

Peoria Sports Complex (Peoria)- Music, food, games, water activities and more. Fireworks begin at 9:15.

Tucson Convention Center (Tucson)-  A great fireworks display, food and live music from 7-9pm.

These are some of the areas that fun, food and fireworks will go down. If we didn’t touch on an area that you are near, it doesn’t mean that there isn;t fun going on. Check your local city to find out what festivities are planned in your area.




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Valley Monsoons

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Monsoon Season In ArizonaIf your are not already familiar, Arizona is known for the summer month monsoons that sweep through the valley. They bring dust, dirt, wind, intense lightning, rain, haboobs and nervous drivers.  Being that Arizona’s Monsoon Season is just about here, we thought you might like to learn more. Monsoon season officially begins June 15 and continues until the very end of September. It’s high or peak time begins mid July and lasts for about a month.

During the very warm….well HOT summer months, monsoons tend to be welcomed. Along with the beautiful lightning shows they bring, they also bring rain. Many areas of Arizona receive almost half their annual rain fall during monsoon season.

The word monsoon is a large scale weather pattern brought by warm air generating low pressure areas or zones that draw in moisture from the ocean.  Now you may be unfamiliar with the word haboob. Haboobs are strong dust storms that can be triggered prior to an intense rainfall. They can be seen from a distance as they accumulate and scatter dust and other items picked up throughout the valley. If you are driving in a Haboob, seeing even 5 feet in front of you can prove to be a challenge. So please be aware and drive carefully.

Things to know about Arizona’s monsoon season Read More

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And the heat is on…

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emergency ac repair in tempe

This upcoming first weekend in June is going to be a hot one. With excessive heat warnings and poor air quality, staying indoors is highly recommended. Now the question is your A/C working properly?  Not only to keep you cool, bit keep your indoor air quality good to be in, especially for those with asthma and allergy problems.

It is recommended that you have an annual tune up done on your A/C unit to take preventative action for things go “hot” or awry in the hot Arizona summer.  Sometimes A/C problems are simple, and sometimes a little more detailed.

We’ve put together a few tips on why your Air conditioning unit may not be running properly, or may be effecting the quality of air in your home or business. This list has been put together by an excellent a/c service company in Tempe, AZ Air & Heat.

Possible A/C Problems & Fixes Read More

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Things to do during the AZ summer

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Lava River Cave, AZ
Verde Vally Wine Trail, AZ
Verde Vally Wine Trail, AZ

Whether you have kids or not, finding things to do while keeping out of the heat can become difficult. In our last post we touched on ways to keep cool during the summer.  Take those suggestions when you embark on one of our recommended adventures.

We’ve put together a list of “cool” things to do during the warm Arizona summer months.  We’ve tried to the list of activities free or inexpensive things, saving the pocket a little change. Some of the recommendations are specifically for those of you with children and want to keep busy, and some are just for adults.

What we love about Arizona is that it has diverse landscape. Arizona gets quite hot during the summer months, but there are many places to venture to where the weather is cooler and you are able to escape the heat.  These places are more northernly located, but a drive out of the heat is an adventure.

Read More

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Arizona Summer…Keeping Cool

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keep cool in the AZ heat

Arizona has a beautiful desert landscape and amazing weather…almost year round.  Arizona’s weather is one the reasons, and a big one at that, that people opt to purchase homes here. Seasonal and full time residents love the fact that in the winter months, a 18 hole round of gold can be played with shorts and a sweater.  That being said, the summer months tend to bring in the heat.

As residents of Phoenix will tell you, the summer weather is something to talk about. It is a dry heat that can take it’s toll if you are not prepared, and sometimes even if you are. Be smart if your body is not acclimated very warm weather, it may take some getting used to.  But, I promise the fall and winter months are great, and summer monsoons are dusty but bring rain.  So if you’ve purchased a home in the valley of the sun, are planning to purchase, or you’re a seasoned resident, we’ve put together some tips for when the sun is a blazin’! Read More

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Mesa Housing Market

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Mesa, AZ

Of course there many areas to choose from when considering where to buy.  We will cover the Mesa housing market today.  Mesa is a suburb located 20 miles East of Phoenix and located in the East Valley of Arizona. It is in fact the third largest city in Arizona.


Mesa houses a population of about 475,000 people.

Mesa’s median household income is about $53,000.

Mesa Unified School District makes up the largest school district.


I decided to speak with a local business owner and resident.  Billy has lived in Mesa for 20 years and has watched the change and growth in both business and home sales.  He operates his own carpet cleaning company in Mesa, AZ. He says that Mesa has really grown over the past 20 years.  “It has cleaned up a lot and downtown Mesa has created a place for more people to dine and explore Mesa’s history in. Although it has grown, what Travis loves is that it is still affordable to buy. “Mesa is 18 miles long and encompasses a good area. The median home price continues to rise but first time homebuyers are still at an advantage with many affordable areas in Mesa.  It is more affordable than Gilbert, Tempe or Chandler. Because Mesa is older, there are a variety of styles and many homes you can purchase to fix up and make your own style. As Mesa continues grow and create it’s own community as Gilbert, Tempe and Chandler have, home prices will continue to grow too.”  Being that Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona, it’s just a matter of time before it’s prices rise.  It is a great place for young families to purchase there first home, in my opinion anyway.” Read More

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Buyer Tips before Purchasing NEW

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know what your buying

Is there a new sub division being built that you have your eyes on.  Are you beginning to notice the many new homes and condos popping up throughout the valley?  According to the RL Brown Housing reports, new home construction had a big increase last year in Arizona, a 46% increase that is.

A new home is appealing. From the overall newness, to knowing that your the first body to live in the structure. This being said, take awareness with you.  Just like in any industry, there’s the good, the bad and average. Builders can easily cut corners and skimp on the important things from structural to low grade materials. Untrained help is inexpensive and may have been the hirees participating in building your potential home.

Of course, there are many great builders out there too. So just do your homework.  Does the builder have a good reputation? Are they established? What are people saying about them.  Ask about experience and what certifications and licensing they have.  We even recommend hiring a independent home inspector to check out the property.  This may cost you out of pocket a few hundred bucks, but a poor HVAC system, crummy electrical wiring, plumbing that is inadequate, and so on, can cost you more in the long run.   Read More

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Things to check before purchasing: Part 3

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know what to expect when purchasing ahome

There are other fees involved with your new home purchase. It is wise to make sure you understand the fees involved beyond just the home price.  These fees include HOA Fees (which we will discuss further), HOA transfer fees (if applicable), Property Taxes, Association dues, and Insurance.  They are all fees that ad up. Most of these items are just part of purchasing, but it is wise to know what they are. Property taxes in some areas are much higher than others.  Home Owners insurance can be higher in some areas as well, especially if there’s been a natural disaster.

HOA (Home Owner Association ) fees too can be quite high depending on the property type your looking at. It is important to understand how the fees will be calculated and when they will be due.   HOA fees may be due monthly, semi annually or bi annually depending on the way they are assessed and the board rules.  It is also important to make sure the governing board of the HOA are honest and managed properly. Of course it is the homeowners who elect the board and vote in those that sit on it, but make sure this will not be a problem for you.  HOA fees more likely than not will continue to increase every year.  Condominiums may offer a great value in purchase price and a more reasonable mortgage, but often times the fees the HOA fees can add up for these types of properties.  The number of people residing in the community will have a direct impact on what you will be charged. So again  do your homework. Read More

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Things To Check For Before Purchasing: Part 2

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az real estate

I want to expand on our previous posts and offer a few more suggestions for things to look into before purchasing. Sometimes as potential homeowners the excitement of purchasing a home overrides our better judgement and we jump into homes prematurely. Although Arizona state law demands that realtors be transparent and forthcoming about the history of the home, there are still aspects we must look into for ourselves, or hire a contractor to investigate for us before purchasing.

  • Check for mold. Although most Arizona homeowners don’t think of mold being an issue here in this dry state, the fact is mold is quite prevalent in Arizona. Winters never get cold enough to kill mold like they do in most states, so mold is able to thrive throughout the year here in AZ. Though there is not a lot of humidity in Arizona, water from a leaky pipe or an overflowed toilet from years ago can leave enough water beneath your floor or walls to provide a perfect environment for mold. It is always wise to have a specialists do an air quality check to check for airborne mold spores, to determine if mold is present in your home. If you live in Arizona call our friends at phoenixwaterdamage.org to give you comprehensive mold evaluation, if you live else where search the internet for well rated water restoration companies. It’s important you find a company with good ratings that will give you an honest assessment of your spore levels, and doesn’t suggest you get services you don’t need (which happens more than you would like to think).

Read More

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Things To Check For Before Purchasing: Part 1

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termites inspector

Purchasing a home, especially for first time home buyers can be daunting and sometimes even scary. Thinking you fond the perfect deal and the pressure of realtors can lead some homebuyers into situations where they wish they could turn back time. I want to briefly discuss somethings homebuyers should be mindful of before purchasing. Not all of these apply and may depend on your locale, but these are great things to keep in mind before purchasing. Read More

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